Coach's Certification

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Coaches' certifications are not always factual

Do not just take coaches' word about their players being properly equipped.  That is why we perform random equipment checks during the game.  However, before the game, you should look over the players from both teams for obvious discrepancies with personal equipment.  Eye black is obvious.  Also look for jewelry and reflective / tinted glasses or eye shields.

You may ask, "Why bother?"

Well, what will you do when the opposing coach requests an equipment check on a non-conforming player?  (This has happened before and it will happen again - at a critical time in the game.)  If there is a problem, then you have to either ignore the rule (no backup from MLOA) or enforce the rule (with backup from MLOA).  Either way, you have an irritated coach.

Jewelry / tinted eye covering requires a 1-minute non-releasable penalty; that is a big deal.  Eye black requires that the player be removed from the game and that the game restarted without him; that could be pivotal.

Preventive officiating = take care of this stuff before the game.

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