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Online Resources - Where to Look

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
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MLOA general website

  •  accessible by anybody
  • contains general information about MLOA
  • contains links into registration (Arbiter)
  • predates use of Arbiter for training (still some good content)

US Lacrosse general website

  • accessible by anybody
  • used for general information about lacrosse, registration for convention, publicity, etc.
  • used to Join USL or renew USL membership
  • once a member, there is a Member Access portal, which is used to:
    • update USL contact information
    • order USL merchandise
    • take USL online courses (intro to rules, trainer webinars, observer webinars, etc.)


  • where officiating work gets done
  • Registration
    • anybody can start the registration process (Youth or Adult)
    • anybody who completes registration shows up as an official in the MLOA group
    • Assignor must change status to Active
  • USL Central Hub
    • only accessible to current USL members
    • where USL puts training materials for boys’ and girls’ games
    • where USL members go to take tests (NFHS, Youth and NCAA)
      • NOT the NILOA test
  • MLOA
    • accessible to MLOA members, both active and in training
    • Officials maintain contact info & availability, accept / decline assignments, etc.
    • Assignors list games, make assignments, etc.
    • Trainers create Events, issue invitations, optionally track attendance
    • Trainers track scoring on tests taken on USL Central Hub
  • MLOA Central Hub
    • only accessible to members of MLOA
    • contains Newsletters from Trainer, Youth Coordinator and Chief Referee
    • allows storage of MLOA documents

 If you have questions, please contact Jeff Howes.

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