2021 Game Fees

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Most Common Fees: 2021

  1-Person 2-Person 3-Person Travel Fee
MPA V $117.00 $78.00 $66.50 Full MPA
MPA JV & 1st $82.00 $55.00   Full MPA
MAISAD V   $108.50 $88.50 Full MPA
MAISAD JV $88.00 $59.50 $55.00 Fuill MPA
MS & G5/6 $70.50 $47.00   $25 max
G3/4 $53.50     $25 max
JO G5/6 $30.00  $30.00   $25 max
JO G3/4 $30.00     $25 max


Other than Grade 3/4, working solo should be a very rare occurrence!

MPA travel is $0.44 per mile ZIP to ZIP, round trip, up to 100 miles.  Miles over 100 are $0.22 per mile (this is rare). However, some levels of competition restrict the total mileage fee to $25.

Playoff and championships game fees are higher.  The playoff multiplier is 125%.  Varsity championships have a multiplier of 150%.

Exhibition game fees are lower, depending upon conference.  SMAA pays a JV game fee, with no mileage.  KVAC and WMC pay a Varsity game fee, with no mileage.

Jamborees rotate 3 officials through 2 slots.  Game fees are commensurate with either JV or MS/youth and overall timeframe.

Contact Jeff Howes for details.

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