Mileage Reimbursement

Friday, April 15, 2016


MLOA and its members are expected to cooperate with schools to keep travel expenses to a reasonable minimum.  Athletic Directors see your home address on the voucher, right next to your mileage fee.  They contact me if the mileage does not make sense to them.

Travel Limits

The Travel Limits feature allows the starting location for travel to be different each day of the week. For example, an official who lives in Lewiston and works in Portland should set Travel Limits from Lewiston on weekends and Portland on weekdays. 

Since mileage is a factor in assigning, that official would tend to get weekday games closer to Portland and weekend games closer to Lewiston.

Going Home

In the example above, the official should be paid mileage for weekday games in the Portland area.  However, a weekday assignment in Lewiston or Auburn should not result in a mileage payment, because he is going home to Lewiston anyway.



The WMC and SMAA conferences contractually expect MLOA to have officials travel together to games whenever possible, in order to reduce travel expenses to schools.  Any Athletic Director who sees two officials from Gorham on a game will balk at paying two mileage fees.

Ride-sharing is almost always expected for games at remote schools, such as Gould Academy, Camden Hills, Mt. Blue, York, etc., unless the officials are coming from entirely different directions.  Ride-sharing is a possibility for most varsity games outside the greater Portland area.  (Mileage reimbursement for JV and lower games is capped.)

I identify ride-sharing opportunities based upon a look at the map.  For example, if one official from South Portland is working with a second official from Portland, then there is a ride-sharing opportunity. 

The official with the longer distance will be paid full mileage.  As long as the second official is within 5 miles of a reasonable meeting place, then he will receive no mileage.  (If the second official needs to travel over 5 miles to the meeting place, then he will receive partial mileage.) This is documented in a Game Note and the Game Report.

I don’t have time to manage the details.  It is up to the two (or three) officials to try to make it work.   If the officials can’t make it work for some sensible reason, such as one is on a business trip to a non-standard location, or the other has a post-game commitment, then I need to be notified. 

Absent a complaint, ride-sharing is assumed and somebody gets no (or reduced) mileage.

Special Circumstances

If you have some special circumstance, such as business or personal commitments, that will cause you to start or end travel at an unusual location, please let me know.

You are entitled to reasonable compensation for miles that you have to travel, but not for miles that you do not need to travel.

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