Assigning Guidelines

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Umpire and Field Judge must contact the Referee at least 48 hours prior to each scheduled game to confirm game time, travel arrangments, uniform and where to meet.

The Referee must contact the Assignor at least 24 hours prior to any game when there is a problem with the crew so that another official can be assigned.

In the event of inclement weather or bad field conditions, the home Athletic Director is supposed to contact the officials, but, if there is any doubt, the officials should also contact the home Athletic Director before starting to travel.


Assigning Guidelines

MLOA has published assigning guidelines for both scholastic and youth lacrosse. 

  • Assignors are primarily concerned with obtaining accurate information about games from the teams in a timely manner.
  • Team contacts are primarily concerned with having officials cover their games and with knowing whom to pay.
  • Officials are primarily concerned with knowing when & where to officiate and with being properly paid.  Know your responsibilities!

Most games are played as scheduled in Arbiter and officials are paid based upon fees established in Arbiter.  Contact the assignor regarding any errors or special situations.

Depending on the weather and other dynamic situations, up to 25% of games are rescheduled.  Expectations for rescheduling, canceling and suspending games are in these guidelines.  Problems are minimized when everybody behaves in a proactive manner.


Conference Guidelines

The SMAA and WMC publish guidelines related to their respective conferences.  These documents are primarily written for athletic directors and coaches.  They do not supersede any rules but do augment MPA guidance.

CCC publishes guidelines for the middle school play.  Apply these to SMMSAC and any other Grade 7/8 games.  Remember to use USL 14U rules!

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