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  • 5/15/2016

    Coaches' certifications are not always factual

    Do not just take coaches' word about their players being properly equipped.  That is why we perform random equipment checks during the game.  However, before the game, you should look over the players from both teams for obvious discrepancies with personal equipment.  Eye black is obvious.  Also look for jewelry andMore...

  • 5/15/2016

    Some whistles don't need to be immediate

    Some whistles need to be as quick as possible, because you need the players to stop playing RIGHT NOW.  Loose ball personal fouls, injured player in the scrimmage area, loss of protective equipment, out of bounds and goals scored are situations that come to mind.

    Some whistles need toMore...

  • 5/15/2016

    Scorers don't always keep score

    (Worry about this for varsity games.  Relax your expectations for sub-varsity contests.)

    Has the home team provided a scorebook and a scorer?  Does the scorer understand his/her responsibilities?  Do you know your responsibilities? 

    The home team scorer is, by default, the official scorer.  In the absence of a home team scorer, theMore...

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