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MLOA Officiating Resources

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  • 1/24/2021

    Most Common Fees: 2021

      1-Person 2-Person 3-Person Travel Fee
    MPA V $117.00 $78.00 $66.50 Full MPA
    MPA JV & 1st $82.00 $55.00   Full MPA
    MAISAD V   $108.50 $88.50 Full MPA
    MAISAD JV $88.00 $59.50 $55.00 Fuill MPA
    MS & G5/6 $70.50 $47.00   $25 max
    G3/4 $53.50     $25 max
    JO G5/6 $30.00  $30.00   $25 max
    JO G3/4
  • 1/24/2021

    We have developed a certification summary, which will download when you click on this link

    First Year Adult Officials ONLY

    1. Acquire the US Lacrosse Membership: Register Here
    2. MLOA member in good standing for 2021. Register Here
    3. Complete Maine
  • 3/13/2018


    Order Uniforms & Supplies Here


    Members of MLOA,


    Blow Your Whistles is offering a 10% discount on ALL products that we offer to the WMLOA members.  When placing orders online enter theMore...

  • 1/31/2018

    New Officials Training for Maine Lacrosse Officials Association

    Happy to have you join us! Here is the information you need to get started! Please get back to me with the “Info I Need” below. See you in February!

    Info I need:

    • US Lacrosse Membership Number
    • Home Address
    • Cell Number
    • Date of Birth

    Lacrosse Officials Training Process:

    Call US Lacrosse 410-235-6882 ext. 102 have them:

    • Add “Official” as a
  • 1/31/2018

    MLOA general website

    •  accessible by anybody
    • contains general information about MLOA
    • contains links into registration (Arbiter)
    • predates use of Arbiter for training (still some good content)

    US Lacrosse general website

    • accessible by anybody
    • used for general information about lacrosse, registration for convention, publicity, etc.
    • used to Join USL or renew USL membership
    • once a member, there is a Member Access portal, which is used to:
      • update USL
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