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Chief Referee Memos

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  • 3/28/2018

    Not an Act, but a Habit: 9 Things You MUST Do Every Time You Officiate

  • 3/1/2018

    Yesterday the NFHS posted the following memo on their website:


    1. 3/1/2018

      To: Youth Lacrosse Coaches and Officials From:

      Rick Lake, US Lacrosse

      Subject:  Penalties for Excessive Body Checks at 14U

                    It has come to our attention that there is some confusion regarding the appropriate penalty for an excessive body checks at 14U. This communication is being distributed to the youth lacrosse community to clarify what penalty shouldMore...

    2. 5/25/2017


      The MPA has established policies for ejections, which apply to all sports.  Athletic Directors are expected to understand, support and implement those policies.  MLOA expects youth programs to implement comparable policies.

      While it would be good for coaches to understand the policies, coaches are managed by Athletic Directors and often "learn by doing".

      It is also good for officials toMore...

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